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Brings Worldwide Cultures To Your Plates
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הצוות שלנו


Yogusi Group is an international food and beverage company founded with the vision to supply the worldwide market with high quality products.

We pay strict attention to the quality of our raw materials, oversee the manufacturing process, and focus on the branding and product design.

We are inspired and motivated to improve the lifestyles of people all around the world.

Our administrative headquarters are located in Singapore.
From there we manage a wide variety of business portfolios in the international food sector.

We have employees and agents in various countries to be able to provide extensive control and management of each process throughout the manufacturing cycle.
They oversee the production, dispatch, and safe delivery of goods to each international destination.
Here at Yogusi Group, we bring our vast knowledge of the food and beverage industry, having worked and experienced a wide variety of issues and business opportunities the world over.
We have worked in over 30 countries providing clients the access to goods in accordance with their needs, habits, and local flavors.

Yogusi Group operates with an innovative and passionate spirit to provide everything you need, from the highest quality raw materials all the way to the unique, modern approach to our brand.